Specialist Lunches

Please collect your bagged lunch from the main auditorium in Portsmouth Guildhall before going to the specialist Lunches.

A schedule of all events is available here. A day by day listing of special lunches follows:

Monday 23rd June

Outreach Lunch - Lord Mayor’s Banqueting Room, Portsmouth Guildhall

Join us for discussions on topics of interest in astronomy outreach, with eleven different table discussions led by experts in that area. We’ll have tea/coffee and cake provided by STFC to supplement to your bagged lunch (please pick up your lunch from the main auditorium).

List of topics/tables:
RAS outreach programmes and funding – Robert Massey (RA)
STFC outreach programmes and funding – Neville Hollingworth (STFC)
IoP outreach programmes and funding – Dominic Galliano (IoP)
Schools outreach – Edward Gomez (Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network, Cardiff)
Working with the Press – Paul Sutherland (Freelance Science Journalist)
Stargazing and science centres – Sandra Voss (The Observatory Science Centre)
Engaging with the public online (citizen science) – Brooke Simmons (Oxford/Zooniverse)
Writing books about astronomy – Lewis Dartnell (UKSA and STFC Science in Society Fellow, Leicester)
Astronomy and the Arts collaborations – Pippa Goldschmidt (Author of The Falling Sky)
Evaluation of outreach – Grace Kimble (Institute of Education)
Working with the Media (TV/radio) – Marek Kukula (Royal Observatory Greenwich)

Tuesday 24th June

Diversity Lunch - Lord Mayor’s Banqueting Room Portsmouth Guildhall
To bring the best talent into the field, astronomy and space science should recruit from across the whole of society. Despite some progress and many efforts to make them more representative, relatively few leading astronomers are women or from black and minority ethnic groups. The Royal Astronomical Society is committed to tackling this issue, both through hosting events like this second Diversity Lunch and through the appointment of a member of staff with specific responsibility for this area who will take up her post later this year.

We have two distinguished speakers for this session.

First up will be Tinu Cornish of Coach for Change who will discuss unconscious bias and how it affects workplaces including university and research laboratories.

Tinu will be followed by Daniel Thomas, Reader at the Institute of Cosmology, who will talk on combining a career in astronomy with a family life. Both speakers will take part in a panel discussion on these and other issues of diversity as a whole.

So do come along, both perhaps to have your preconceptions challenged and to take part in what promises to be a lively debate.

UKSP Lunch (Private) – Portsmouth Room, Portsmouth Guildhall

Wednesday 25th June

Careers Lunch Lord Mayor’s Banqueting Room Portsmouth Guildhall
Astronomers and space scientists have a vast range of transferable skills and knowledge that make them great people for employers to hire. At this event you can hear about opportunities for talented scientists in space and aeronautical engineering, web software and astronomy research. Three early career scientists will describe their professional paths so far and how to find and get the job you want.

Do come along to hear practical advice on how to take the next step forward in your career.

Thursday 26th June

RAS Council (Private) – Portsmouth Room, Portsmouth Guildhall

MIST Lunch (Private) –  Lord Mayor’s Banqueting Room Portsmouth Guildhall