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NAM Hack Day 2014

We're excited to say that this year NAM is running it's very first Hack Day! In about 9 hours we're looking to prototype ideas that mix technology, data and science in new and interesting ways. Perhaps you have an idea about how to combine multiple astronomical datasets, or want to build better plotting library for researchers, or need to visualise a dataset? Whatever your interests bring your laptop, enthusiasm and ideas to the NAM Hack Day on 25th June.

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Where: Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation - (Room ...)
When: Wednesday 25th June, 9am - 5pm
What: Hacking on datasets, astronomy, publishing?
Who: Brought to you by the NAM LOC, the .Astronomy community, GitHub and more.

If you don't know what a hack day is then take a look at these resources:

Preliminary schedule

9h00 Pre-hack socialising (with refreshments?)
9h30 Participants pitch their hack ideas
9h45 Identify collaborators and start hacking!
13h00 Lunch + status updates from hack projects
13h30 Hacking continues
16h30 Opportunity to present results
evening Post-hack socialising

Note: participants are free to jump in and out of the hack day, and to switch projects. There are no obligations!

OK I'm in. Now what?

Good! Go and and fill in this Google form to register your interest.

Then create an account on this Wiki and add your ideas and useful datasets to the Hack Day Ideas page.

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