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Hack Project Ideas

Feel free to leave your name next to your idea (although there's no obligation!)

  • ArXiv alerts. Allow users to personalise paper listings from the arXiv and track authors and keywords. [Ruth]
  • haikubot. Make a bot that tweets haikus found in arXiv papers posted that day. [Ruth]
  • Outreach Map. Create a map which indicates the nearest professional astronomy department for any place on the British Isles, count the number of people in each "catchment area", and compute the number of professional astronomers per citizen within it. [Geert]
  (Love the idea of "Voronoi binning" the UK based on proximity to a professional astronomy group! [Karen])
  • Acknowledgement Parser. Parse the acknowledgements section of a large number of papers, identify the people and software that are most frequently mentioned, and give these credit on a web page. [Geert]
  (Pretty sure ads labs already made this. Will search down URL. [Karen])
  • Reference Gender Checker. Is your letter of recommendation too gendered. Are you using too many "nice" adjectives for your female letters? I'd like to develop a service which allows plain text upload of letters, strips them for adjectives and gives an objective answer. [Karen]

Interesting Data

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