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          <rev user="Kyle" timestamp="2014-06-25T16:28:34Z" comment="/* The Hacks! */" xml:space="preserve">== NAM Hack Day 2014 ==

We’re excited to say that this year NAM is running it’s very first Hack Day! In just a single day we’re looking to prototype ideas that mix technology, data, science and communication in new and interesting ways. Perhaps you have an idea about how to combine multiple astronomical datasets, or want to build better plotting library for researchers ? Do you need to visualise a dataset, or do you have a brilliant and innovative idea for communicating astronomy online? Whatever your interests bring your laptop, enthusiasm and ideas to the NAM Hack Day on Wednesday 25th June.

[[File: dotlogo_black.png|right|200px|link=]]

'''Where:''' Park Building, University of Portsmouth (;br /&gt;
'''When:''' Wednesday 25th June, 9am - 5pm&lt;br /&gt;
'''What:''' Hacking on datasets, astronomy, publishing?&lt;br /&gt;
'''Who''': Brought to you by the NAM LOC, the .Astronomy community, GitHub and more.&lt;br /&gt;

If you don't know what a hack day is then take a look at these resources:  

* [ Hackathon (from Wikipedia)]
* [ .Astronomy Hack Day Project Ideas]
* [ Science Hack Day]

== Preliminary schedule ==

| 09:00 || Arrivals/coffee/snacks  
| 09:15 || Welcome talk  
| 09:30 || 60 second pitches - participants present their idea in 60 seconds (or less)
| 10:00 || Hacking begins!
| 13:00 || Lunch and 60 second updates from hack teams
| 16:30 || Presentation of results
| 17:00  || Post-hack socialising (pub?)

Note: participants are free to jump in and out of the hack day and to switch projects. There are no obligations!

== The Hacks! ==

''Add your hacks here by requesting an account on this Wiki from and add your summary and links here. Images, repos, live demos are all encouraged!''

'''Cup Orrery (or how I learned to stop coding and love making an exoplanet detector with littleBits)''' by Edward Gomez and Robert Simpson
Made of two parts. First, a littleBits orrey consisting of an LED 'star' and rotating cup planet system. Then a light sensor attached to a digital readout and an optional sound readout too.
Blog post to follow soon - will put link here.
'''Slicing and dicing the UK''', by Kyle Willett (and suggested by Geert Barentsen) - Voronoi-tessellated maps of the US and UK by astronomy degree-granting institutions and local astronomy clubs. Made with some text scraping and rendered in d3. Full post and code to follow. 
[[File:voronoi_us.png|300px]] [[File:voronoi_uk.png|200px]]</rev>